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Conveyor Belts

Metalic Belts used to convey the product for Furnace& Bakery, Packing, Bottling, Pharma, & many more Industries. Conveyor Belts are manufactured with a vide range of weave variety & material.

Conveyor Belts - Metal

Metal - Dehydration Belts

Dehydration Belts Widely used in food industry for conveying the product in to dryer to dehydrate. It is also used as a decoration in Architecture.

Metal - Honey Comb Belt

Honey Comb Belt Widely used for conveying the product in freezing, backing, dying, cleaning etc. Its surface is flat and is very easy to clean and maintain. It is widely used in Food Industry.

Metal - Mesh Belting

Mesh Belting Used in packing pharma casting and cement industry, compound and balance weave are manufactured.

Metal - Enrober Belt

Enrober Belt It is widely used in food Industry for the production of snacks, vegetable, fish, meat and bread process.

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